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As a key raw material for the manufacture of steel, Sponge Iron is an ideal substitute for steel melting scrap. A versatile product, it can be used as a prime metal in Integrated Steel Plants, Mini steel Plants, Foundry etc and has substantial growth prospects in all types of Iron & steel making processes.The use of Sponge Iron greatly improves the quality of final steel products.

The chemical and physical composition of the Sponge Iron produced at our plant is as follows:

Component %
FE (M) 75 +/1 1
FE (T) 86
Metalisation 86
Sulphur .04 Max
Phosphopous .07 Max
Carbon .02 Max
Non Magnetic 1


Component Size
Fines 0-3 MM
Lumps +3-20 MM

The quality of the Sponge Iron depends mainly on the amount of metallic Iron present compared to the total Iron present. The high percentage of metallic iron in the Sponge Iron produced at our plant is an indication of the high quality of the product.

Our Sponge iron product is unique due to its high metallic iron content and uniform & consistent quality.

The following are some of the features of our Sponge Iron
High metallic iron content
Low sulphur and phosphorus content
Low non magnetic content